movement is a gift and we are compelled to use it whether we like it or not.


B. 1983

Sinclair, E.👍🏿



Karen Bradley: University Of Maryland

Israel Wekpe: University of Benin

Sharon Mansur: University Of Maryland

Christopher Ugolo: University of Benin

Miriam Phillips: University Of Maryland

Austin Asagba: University of Benin

Juliet Urevbu: University Preparatory Secondary School



WXYZ Art Factory, Benin City, Nigeria. (2008 - 2013)

Sinclair Dance, Virginia, USA. (2013 - p.)

Born in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. I earned my B.A. in Theatre Arts from the University of Benin 2007, and my M.F.A. in Dance Performance and Choreography, from the University of Maryland, College Park..

I Investigate and create original dances, with a practice of daily dance making, minimalism, physical, theoretical dance practices and curiosity about the unknown,

I identify as: experimentalist, educator, choreographer, teacher and mentor and most of all I continue to be an avid student and learner. The type of work I do is hugely collaborative, and reflects my training in theater, cultures of Africa and contemporary dance forms.

Through collaborations I have tackled topics beyond the boundaries of dance. I collaborated with professionals in the fields of psychology, the visual arts, music, creative writing, and video, projection, set, lighting, and costume design. On many occasions, I have accessed unconventional spaces, and unconventional movement as a tool for my creations.