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STUDENTS REVIEW COURSE: 201601/02-DANC138W-TD01/02-WEST AFRICAN DANCE - Instructor: Sinclair Emoghene

  • Sinclair is a truly gifted teacher.
  • Sinclair was by far my favorite instructor I have encountered at the University of Maryland. He treated all students with an abundance of respect and patience and created an environment in which we were all able to find personal connection and meaning within the dance. Although this is not a traditional class format in that there is not a lot of written work, it was intellectually challenging as well as physically challenging. Sinclair is truly a gem within the school of dance and should be applauded for the connections he is able to make with his students, especially ones with no previous experience in dance performance.
  • For a 2 credit course I didn't realize how much work I was going to have to put into this class. However, I am so happy I took it. This class was the highlight of my day on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Sinclair was an awesome professor who took the time to make sure I improved everyday.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed this class. Sinclair was an excellent instructor who enforced high expectations while also demonstrating genuine care for the students and the course content. In addition to learning of choreography, these instructors incorporated assignments and class sessions about the culture from which this dance style originated. I feel fortunate to have been able to take this course.
  • Great professor.
  • I enjoyed the way in which Professor Emoghene communicated cultural education and made our dance class a very inclusive environment. He was very patient and encouraging.
  • Amazing course
  • I loved this class! It is the perfect class to take as a STEM major who sees very little of the arts/ humanities side of the university. It is intellectually stimulating; it makes you think critically about how dance forms are created and interpreted over the course of time, and how the meaning of songs and dance styles are lost. It is of course physically stimulating; too much sweating. Overall, a great experience created and led by Sinclair.
  • An amazing course that I recommend to everyone!
  • This class was fantastic - a twice a week bright spot in my schedule. I loved getting to learn dance and be active as well as engage with a new culture. Additionally, my fellow students were great to get to know.
  • Great class. It takes considerable effort and the level of performance required from students should be reflected in the number of credits earned. currently credits are too low.
  • Sinclair was great!