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Kaleidoscope of Tuts - KoTs
6:00 PM18:00

Kaleidoscope of Tuts - KoTs

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 Kaleidoscope of Tuts – KoTs is an Eclectic Contemporary Dance


Kaleidoscope of Tuts (KoTs) is a contemporary narrative dance duet(s) between two individual(s), one from Israel and the other from Nigeria in an ensuing poetic conversation about encounters between strangers online, and how this single online meeting inspire conversation about similarities, differences, artistic journey, culture, reflection on life, distant friendship and artistic collaboration. This piece is a theatrical dance that uses narration, dialogue, monologues, dance movement and soliloquy in an arresting and engaging performance of un-chapter-ing life and reflecting on the past while understanding and making meaning of the present.




This narrative and theatrical dance performance is inspired by my MFA research thesis on the sleep disorder sleep paralysis and nighttime disturbances, and the collaboration is with various artists who are dancers and non-dance professionals living in the Washington DC area. This piece is a combination of experimental dance, experimental narrative styles with the use of poems, chants, music and movements.

This piece intends to shed light on issues ranging from seclusion, isolation to interpersonal relationships within and outside of particular races(s) and the multi-facets in interracial connections and disconnections as well as locating "Home" as a geographical landscape and also looking at "Home" as a social construct with deep seated cultural meaning that gets lost in translation after a geographical migration of any kind.

This piece takes a futuristic approach in presenting online encounters as an alien platform that reaches for good and creates accessible language for better communication and understanding, although this happens when the right individuals connect. To understand this, the choreographer is asking that you imagine a world of endless possibilities and how one encounter online or in-person can change perspective and open the conversation of similarities in experiences, broaden perspective on the "other" and reach a new collaboration.

This work uses pedestrian movements to create tableaus that tell a story of a non-linear kind, a new way of storytelling but in experimental and semi-abstract dance and movement.

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Performing Otherness (Ainihi e Alteridade)
7:00 PM19:00

Performing Otherness (Ainihi e Alteridade)

I’m thrilled to have been selected as a #NextLOOK artist for the 2019-20 season! In partnership with #onlyatjoes and #theclarice, I will participate in a paid weeklong residency at Joe’s where in collaboration with Pablo Regis de Oliveira and Kate Spanos I will premiere Performing Otherness (Ainihi e Alteridade), which examines ainihi (“identity” in Hausa) and alteridade (“otherness” in Portuguese) based on the traditions of Nigeria and Brazil. Multidisciplinary artists Sinclair Ogaga Emoghene, Pablo Regis and Kate Spanos collaborate to look for both universality and cultural specificity in shared movements and rhythms. This work includes new and traditional songs and dances, a carnival-style parade, an audience feedback session and an artist discussion. Check out my incredible cohort and book your tickets! →

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