Just a curious artist

Sinclair is a die hard conceptual dance artist....He hails from Delta State Nigeria.....He speaks Five languages......He makes dance works......He engages with ideas about the void.....Trying to make the world a better place with each step.....Coincidence and luck are fruits of hard work.......Learning from others.......Speaks the universal language called "MOVEMENT." 

Sinclair earned his B.A. in Theatre Arts from the University of Benin 2007, and his M.F.A. in Dance Performance and Choreography, from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Sinclair is the artistic director of WXYZ Arts Factory, in Benin City, Nigeria. His practice and training spans years of working with international companies such as Ijo Vudu Canada, and Play House Nigeria. He has worked with some of the best performing artists, practitioners, and educators in Africa. These includes Chris Ugolo, Israel M. Wekpe, Austin Asagba, Irene Isoken Salami, Marcel Okhakhu, and Emem Isong of Royal Arts Academy, in Surulere, Lagos.


Zak Engel (New York)

Music composer for the piece Nyam chiem 2015. 

Nadav Heyman (Los Angeles)

Writer, actor, dancer, and a model.

Beki Basch (Baltimore Maryland)

Visual artist.

Israel M. Wekpe (UK/Nigeria)

Lecturer, Actor, Director, and a Theatre Artist.  

Sani Abu (Ontario Canada)

Ijo Vudu contemporary African dance company.

Connor Drebelbis (Maryland USA) 

Light designer and collaborator.

Diana Chun (USA/Japan)

Scenic Designer.

Tyler Gunther (Maryland USA)

Costume designer.

Pablo Salazar (Maryland USA)

Music composer for "Rooted on a moving Spot" 2016.

Stephanie Miracle